MC-home2Swirl, Ltd. is a business that was started in 1904. The company has always made products for women. The Swirl trademark was registered on June 14, 1944. The Models Coat trademark was registered on June 20, 1963. As of today, Swirl is still manufacturing products both in the US and Asia bearing both the Swirl and Models Coat brands.

During the 1950’s into the 1980’s, many retailers in the US and Canada had Swirl sections designated within the stores showcasing the many Swirl products. The most known was the wrap around dress and the day dress which is generically known as a housecoat. Millions of women around the world have and are still wearing Swirl Products. We say, with no exacerbation, that Swirl products that were purchased 20-30 years ago are still be worn by our customers. How do we know? We get calls or hear comments from these ladies asking if we still make the product in the particular print today.

Recently, Swirl expanded the product range to include handbags. The handbags have been designed for the everyday women that have a full schedule of activities. The bags are stylish, slightly ahead of the trend and fully functional.

Swirl did not survive this long by standing still. We are constantly reinventing new and fashionable products for the everyday woman. Our mission has always been and will continue to be to make a quality product that can be purchased at a moderate price.

Please enjoy reviewing our site, especially the pictures of our products over the last 60 years. Some of the pictures are from actual ads that appeared in well-known magazines.