marshall-Fields-Ad-Jan19-1947Swirl opened its’ doors in 1904. Swirl, over the last 110 years, has anticipated every major social change affecting women and created apparel that was not only on time, but also frequently ahead of its time.

When women’s costume was the shirtwaist and skirt, Swirl was making the tucking that added fashion detailing. When women were locked into plain apron dressing, Swirl added the fashion edge of difference trimming, igniting a trend that expanded the concept of the business. When women grew dissatisfied with the basic uniform- the drab shapeless house dress- Swirl sensed a new need. It created in 1955 a wrap around, tie-on fashion that worked on its own or as a coverall. A revolutionary fashion that became so successful the company identified itself with its success product and renamed itself Swirl. When women’s lives began to free up, and they longed for a different kind of daytime dressing, Swirl created the Models Coat in 1966, developing a whole new classification of at-home fashions for women. The staying power and growth power of Models Coats represent unique marketing continuity in an industry marked by cyclical change. For five decades, Models Coats have been a staple item in millions of women’s wardrobes.

Recently, Swirl has reintroduced the wrap around dress. This was a product created by Swirl in the 1950’s. It is still a sought after dress on many vintage websites. The reintroduction is using the old patterns used in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Give us a little more time and we will be really be rocking. We have a section on our website featuring original pictures and mailers used during this era to promote the wrap dress. Enjoy the pleasure of viewing them.

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